Jason KarlJason Karl
Kerning & Crayons Crusader (Graphic Designer)

Jason’s career in the arts started in Connecticut, where he discovered early on that he loved art. His first job began in his 2nd grade classroom, where he creating hand-drawn crayon and marker masterpieces that sold for 25 cents apiece. Jason has been painting and pushing pixels ever since, holding alternate job titles such as Digital Art Monkey, Director of Fun, and Sketchbook Samurai, while working in the real world as an illustrator, teacher, and designer.

After graduating from Oregon State University with a BFA in Illustration, Jason gained many years of experience as a production artist and graphic designer, working in large corporations, startup companies, digital studios, and an eye care association.

Jason took a break from the design world to obtain his Masters in Teaching at Concordia University and for a brief, but rewarding time, worked as a high school art teacher. Although it made for relaxing summers and miserable illnesses throughout the year, Jason felt the desire to come back to design—and the rest is art history.

When he’s not designing, painting, or drawing, you can find Jason hiking Pacific Northwest trails with his studio manager, Whiskey (the dog), finding the next great culinary experience in Portland, watching Oregon State University sports, hitting a ball…any ball, or exploring the world, looking for the next great tiki experience.

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