Kelley Clayton
Geeky Goddess (WordPress Developer)

Kelley graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in Graphic Design. After taking a few web courses included in her degree, Kelley was hooked! With a love of great design & user-friendly web development, Kelley is a wiz at creating beautiful and structurally sound websites.

Kelley is a huge animal lover! Whether they are furry, scaly, or slimy, she always has the compassion to nurse any sick animal back to health. Over the years she has had a variety of pets: dogs, birds, snakes, rats, rabbits, horses, hedgehogs, chinchillas, & axolotls. Her favorite and most beloved pet is her cat, Emmy; Kelley will boast about how many tricks she has been able to teach her. When she’s not occupied with animals you can find her geeking out to some classic video games, or getting herself lost roaming trails in the woods.

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